Globe of chaos to be fixed at Tabernacle Bible College and Seminary

Revival in Chaos

We see what’s going on economically, and we hear what’s going on politically and militarily. Maybe you’re wondering, “What do I believe? What should I do?” Well, Paul told the …

Confused person needing Tabernacle Bible College & Seminary

Who Are You?

Jesus was confident in who He was but didn’t need to convince anyone else who He was. How often are we trying to defend ourselves, or make ourselves look smart …

Red carpet to Tabernacle Bible College & Seminary Bible Study

Exclusive or Exclusionary?

Everybody likes to talk about God: newscasters, celebrities, sports stars, politicians – they all end their speeches with, “God bless America”. But when you start talking about Jesus, people start getting a little squeamish.  

Angry woman like Michal in Bible taught at TBCS

Are you Michal?

When David danced with all of his might before the Lord, he danced so hard he threw off his cloak. However, his wife, Michal, got angry and, the Bible says, …

Man with tattoos studied Bible at Tabernacle Bible College & Seminary


Do you need an example of faith? And again He entered Capernaum after some days, and it was heard that He was in the house. 2 Immediately many gathered together, …

12 Disciples with Jesus taught at Tabernacle Bible College & Seminary

The 12 Disciples: Martyrs?

Most Christians are familiar with the 12 disciples that Jesus called to join him during his time on earth. But have you ever wondered what happened to them after Jesus’ …

Man with faith at Tabernacle Bible College & Seminary

Undeniable Faith

Mark 11:22 So Jesus answered and said to them, “Have faith in God.” Undeniable Faith. Think about that word, undeniable. What does it mean, especially in these times that we’re …

Man celebrating miracle of God at Tabernacle Bible College & Seminary

Miracles of God

Our God is INCREDIBLE! Recently, I was reading in my journals from the 70’s and I ran across a few healings God did and I have to share!  I was …

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Proof. People want it. People want proof that God does what He says He’ll do.  Do you need proof that George Washington existed? Abraham Lincoln? What about the Wright Brothers? …