Who Are You?

Jesus was confident in who He was but didn’t need to convince anyone else who He was.

How often are we trying to defend ourselves, or make ourselves look smart with a well-worded prayer? Or argue with someone to prove our point so they will know we are right?  You’re thinking, “But, I can’t let them go the rest of their lives thinking that masks were a good idea. I must send them the data. I saw a guy riding his bike with a mask the other day.  These people must be saved!” (Any resemblance to actual people or events is purely coincidental… or maybe not. You’ll never know for sure.)

It is not important that anyone knows you are right except for you.  Just let people be wrong about whatever. It will be ok, I promise.  When you are truly secure in who you are, you won’t feel the need to convince anyone else. Translated into Christianese, we say “I’m secure in WHOSE I am”. While you don’t need to convince the world, you do need to convince yourself of “WHO” you are. The truth doesn’t need a defender, a teacher, or an explainer.  It can be the truth all by itself.   

We must learn not to be so petty. We’re royalty. When you go to a restaurant and the waiter hands you the wine list, do you say, “No thank you, we don’t drink.  … We’re part of the club” in a special snooty kind of way? Don’t do it.  That waiter does not care and now he doesn’t want to be in your club.  (Read the previous blog post from Erik to learn about the exclusive club)

Patterned after Jesus

We need to pattern ourselves after Jesus. We have a call to have the mind of Christ, which means that we think and act like Jesus.   I say pattern, because I don’t think we are all supposed to be carpenters.

I try to expose the pattern or principle that scripture offers whenever I teach. Because, I don’t know about you, but no one has threatened to throw me in a lion’s den or a fiery furnace lately. I haven’t been sold into slavery by my brothers. My ass has never fallen in a ditch on the Sabbath (well there was this one rainy Sunday I slipped, but that’s not what they’re talking about). I don’t have any old or new wine skins. So, you must find the principle and pattern to apply to today.

Jesus was a gift. Are you a gift to everyone you meet?  

Jesus was a servant. Are you serving anyone?  

Jesus was a friend of sinners. Are you?  It doesn’t mean He was a condoner of sin. It doesn’t mean He was hanging out at wild parties. But He wasn’t afraid or offended by these people. He spoke the truth, but He spoke the truth in love.  

Be confident in WHO you are and who you are becoming, as well as Who has your back and is preparing the way to manifest the plans and purposes for your life. Don’t live in fear. Get after your adventure.  

Be Confident

Let us follow the example of Jesus by being confident in who we are in Christ, without the need to convince anyone else. Let us focus on becoming the best version of ourselves, serving others, and being a friend to sinners. We don’t need to defend the truth, it can stand on its own. We must learn to let people be wrong and not be so petty. Remember, we are royalty, and we are called to have the mind of Christ. So, let us pattern ourselves after Him and be a gift to everyone we meet, serving and loving them like Jesus did. Be confident, fearless, and embrace the adventure that God has planned for you.

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