TBCS offers the ability to complete a comprehensive Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degree program without leaving home.

In addition, there are on-campus classes in many of your local areas.  Contact TBCS Administrative Offices for more information

TBCS is diligent in keeping costs affordable.

Past studies show that the maintaining of a large campus, staffing, dorms, etc., can drive up the cost of tuition by nearly 400%, while not increasing the quality of the education.  We maintain a very skilled and elite Administrative Staff that is streamlined and highly efficient. Our offices, classrooms, and extension programs are monitored to maintain the greatest degree of excellence while remaining financially modest.

TBCS promotes networking with other students and Alumni.

TBCS maintains a Ministerial Fellowship of churches and ministers and has ordained ministers in the U.S. as well as various parts of the world.

TBCS is a non-profit corporation and supports many missions worldwide.

Funds that are received go directly into continuing to improve the quality of the education offered and to take it into all nations.

TBCS focuses on the student.

TBCS is committed to helping the student, in every way possible, fulfill his or her God-given destiny. 

TBCS is totally committed to Scripture.

God’s Word is the final authority in all matters in life and in the college.

TBCS teaches and holds to what is relevant.

Many Bible colleges teach material that will seldom be used.  TBCS will give you what is relevant today, allowing you to put it into immediate practice.

TBCS has an International legacy.

We now have students or extensions colleges in 45 states and 51 foreign countries.

TBCS is dedicated totally to equipping each student.

TBCS is not only dedicated to equipping students in practical Biblical theology but, also in the prophetic power of the scripture and how to apply it.


Tailored to meet your need for Biblical Theological studies, while never leaving home, family, job, or ministry.