Are you Michal?

When David danced with all of his might before the Lord, he danced so hard he threw off his cloak. However, his wife, Michal, got angry and, the Bible says, she despised him. What did God do? He shut up her womb, and she never brought forth another child. 

What do you think caused Michal to respond this way to David’s worship? Maybe she had contempt for his worship because she was more concerned with outward appearances and social status than with spiritual devotion. Michal may have been concerned with her own social status and reputation as the wife of the king. David’s behavior may have been seen as undignified or inappropriate for someone in his position. Michal may have feared that his behavior would reflect poorly on her as well.

It’s possible that Michal simply found David’s behavior uncomfortable or unsettling. The Bible describes David dancing before the Lord with all his might and wearing a linen ephod. This may have been seen as unseemly or embarrassing by Michal.

Different Kind of Worship

It’s also possible that Michal had different religious beliefs or practices from David. Michal was the daughter of King Saul, who had a complicated relationship with David, and it’s possible that she was not as devoted to Yahweh as David was. David’s intense worship may have seemed foreign or even threatening to her.

Do you know of any ministries, maybe it’s your ministry, where it seems the “womb of the ministry” has been shut? Could it be that the move of God is being stifled? Is the leadership more concerned with appearances than with authentic, throw-off-your-cloak worship? Could it be they are just scared of the unknown? Are YOU scared of the unknown?

As individuals, we must examine our own hearts and motivations and ask ourselves if we are truly committed to authentic worship and devotion to God. Are we willing to throw off our cloaks and dance before the Lord with all our might, even if it makes us uncomfortable or goes against societal norms? Are we willing to trust in God’s leading and guidance, even if it means stepping into the unknown? Let us strive to be like David, who worshiped God with all his heart and soul, and trust that God will bless and guide us as we seek to follow Him.

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