Open a Tabernacle Bible College & Seminary Extension School Today!

Here’s why:

  • A church or ministry can host their own Bible College and Seminary at their present location or off-campus. Many ministries have a vision for their own college but do not have the resources, materials or perhaps the knowledge to begin or maintain a campus.
  • TBCS provides everything needed to begin and maintain the ministry college campus. A member of TBCS staff will walk the ministry representative through every step from the beginning and remain working with the representative all the way to graduation.
  • TBCS does not abandon you but is accessible to help you through challenges that may arise. Our staff is always ready to assist the representative of your college.
  • All courses are designed to teach and train the students in the Scriptures which always results in a deeper walk with the Lord.   Many of our extension campuses have raised up dynamic leaders who have assisted the ministry to go Further Faster with unending success.
  • All courses have been developed in a manner for easy understanding and teaching and accredited by the accrediting commission. 
  • An instructor’s manual is provided for each course.
  • It is a proven fact that the local church or ministry cannot teach all that the members need by meeting twice a week. All the courses are completely Bible Based.  Many graduates have gone on to successful careers and ministries worldwide.
  • The courses fit in and are relevant for life today.
  • An extension campus provides a financial benefit for any ministry or church. 

Contact us at or call us at 813-655-1127 to start your school today!