Open a Tabernacle Bible College & Seminary Extension School Today!

Would you like to be part of a team that is training the next generation for ministry work in Jesus’ end-time harvest? Establishing a ” TBCS Extension Campus” may interest you.

Many ministries have a vision for their own college, but they do not have the resources, materials, or perhaps the knowledge to begin or maintain a campus. Having a TBCS extension school not only solves the problem of no resources, it also provides a financial benefit for the hosting ministry.

Here is how Tabernacle Bible College & Seminary can help you:

  • TBCS provides everything needed to begin and maintain the ministry college campus. A member of TBCS staff will walk the ministry representative through every step from the beginning and remain working with the representative all the way to graduation.
  • Designed to actively teach and train students in the Scriptures, our courses consistently lead to a deeper, more profound walk with the Lord. Our extension campuses have raised up dynamic leaders who have assisted the ministry to go further, faster with unending success.
  • All courses have been developed in a manner for easy understanding and teaching and is accredited by the accrediting commission. 
  • An instructor’s manual is provided for each course. Videos are available for some courses. More coming soon.
  • The courses fit in and are relevant for life today.
  • TBCS does not abandon you, but is accessible to help you through challenges that may arise. Our staff is always ready to assist the representative of your college.

Contact us at or call us at 813-655-1127 to start your school today!