Miracles of God

Our God is INCREDIBLE! Recently, I was reading in my journals from the 70’s and I ran across a few healings God did and I have to share! 

I was in upstate New York when a family brought in a little nine year old boy who did not have a hip socket on his right side. He couldn’t walk and had never walked. I prayed for him on a Sunday night and didn’t see anything happen right away. The family went to the doctor on Monday and had an x-ray. During the x-ray, God created a hip socket for that little boy! They came back that night shouting and praising God. It was amazing! The boy was running around and jumping. He didn’t even have to go through the process of learning to walk and jump! 


During this same time, there was a man with a titanium rod in his left hip. He had suffered an accident and needed the rod to hold everything together. I prayed for him one night, and I remember it was a couple of days later, that man came back to the service and was waving x-rays. He had the x-ray before the surgery that showed the need for the rod. He had the x-ray after the surgery that was performed 6-8 weeks before this night showing the rod was in place. And, then, he had a third x-ray that was taken days before that showed the titanium rod WAS GONE! God completely healed that man and removed the rod!

What is the greatest miracle you’ve ever seen?

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