Tabernacle Bible College and Seminary (TBCS) is a non-profit, evangelical, interdenominational ministry and Bible Training College and Christian University and operates under the 501c3 covering of H.W.C., Inc.  TBCS specializes in on and off-campus theological and ministerial training.  

Tabernacle Bible College and Seminary is accredited with Accrediting Commission of Independent Colleges and Christian Universities, and we are authorized to offer degrees in the field of Religious Arts encompassing Associate, Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral degree programs.

Founded in 1986, TBCS is a high impact global reaching college and university located in beautiful Tampa, Florida.  TBCS offers a dynamic learning program that inspires students to know God in a profound way. When you know God, you understand your own destiny, and a passion to fulfill your unique mandate is birthed.

The Mandate

Dr. Lawrence Langston, Chancellor, and Founder of Tabernacle Bible College and Seminary felt the mandate to take TBCS outside the local Florida area and into the global community.  As of 2020, Tabernacle Bible College and Seminary has students or schools in 45 states and 51 countries. Our Alumni includes Presidents, Kings, Government Officials, Athletes, Educators, Artists, Entrepreneurs, well-known Pulpit Ministers and many more from all areas that shape our culture.

TBCS curriculum is presently offered in English and Spanish. Plans for the future include dormitories to house 100-150 exchange students.  These students will come from across the globe and be housed on campus for intense ministerial training. 

The purpose of TBCS is to provide non-traditional education in the Christian Theological field to ministers in every sphere of influence that shapes our culture. This task is achieved with a positive commitment to the Bible as the final authority in all matters.  Our basis for fellowship with other believers is the Cross of Christ.

“We are committed to your success whether an individual student or an extension campus.”

Our mission is to go into all the world and teach all nations.

Matthew 28:19