Faith in God has 3 components.


Do you ever look around at what is going on – strange weather patterns, natural disasters, economic upheaval, train derailments – and ask, “Lord, is there a message in all …


Passover: When, What, How?

When is Passover? April 5, 2023, at sundown through April 12th sundown Did you know that God commanded Passover as an everlasting ordinance in Exodus 12:4 and 13:1?  What Is …

How to Study the Bible - many people don't know. Here are some #helpfultips.

How to Study the Bible

Studying the Bible is one of the most important activities for any Christian. It is essential to understanding and living out a life according to God’s will. While there are …

#revival in chaos. That is what is happening! What are you willing to do?

Revival in Chaos

We see what’s going on economically, and we hear what’s going on politically and militarily. Maybe you’re wondering, “What do I believe? What should I do?” Well, Paul told the …

Who are you? Are you convinced? Are you like Jesus?

Who Are You?

Jesus was confident in who He was but didn’t need to convince anyone else who He was. How often are we trying to defend ourselves, or make ourselves look smart …

Is Jesus exclusive or exclusionary?

Exclusive or Exclusionary?

Everybody likes to talk about God: newscasters, celebrities, sports stars, politicians – they all end their speeches with, “God bless America”. But when you start talking about Jesus, people start getting a little squeamish.