This is an extremely exciting program because not only does it help thousands to fulfill their lifelong dreams, it can generate wonderful finances for those who are trained to excel in life coaching. We have over 30 years successful experience in helping others become the best they can be.

Our Professional Life Coaching Program is both live and online, teaching, demonstrating and providing assimilations. Those who attend will receive their Professional Life Coach Certification and can immediately begin their business/ministry and market their services. You will receive your certification on the final day. These accredited certifications are good for National and International use.

Included in this certification program is extensive instruction for marketing and establishing your Professional Life Coach business. You will receive the skills to begin your business as soon as you leave this seminar.

Life Coaching versus Counseling

Life Coach techniques are a great deal different than counseling or mentoring and go a long way in alleviating stress levels for those in ministry or leadership. Life Coaching teaches the client the skills to meet and conquer their own challenges while the coach supports the client in developing and achieving their goals. Every sphere of influence, whether it is church, business, etc. should have three to five Certified Life Coaches to whom they can refer their members or employees. Certified Life Coaches can be found in every area of life.

There is no area in which these skills would not be highly beneficial, i.e., Pastoring, Business, Parenting, Personal Relationships, are just a few.

You will be given the opportunity to network with exceptional coaches with the greatest life coach skills and develop your own exceptional skills.

This four day program gives you tried and proven techniques that are versatile and can be used in every coaching arena. These techniques produce measurable, sustainable results and provide your client with the most effective life coaching experience. When you have completed this program, you will have the confidence, knowledge and tools to begin your business/ministry and begin to change the world.


You will learn:

  • Code of Ethics
  • Ethics for Life Coaching
  • Introduction to Life Coaching
  • Core Coaching Skills
  • Secular vs Christian
  • Self-care First
  • Vision
  • Habits
  • Goals
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Core Values
  • Coaching Niches
  • Fixing Your Fixer
  • Active Listening
  • Power Questions
  • Intake Session


  • Organizing and Launching Your Coaching Practice, Elevator Pitch, Promoting Your Coaching Practice, Model Coach, Package Branding, Business Cards, Website, Develop a Coach/Client Contract
  • Resource DISC Testing, Establish Coaching Fees

TBCS CSBS Life Coaching