The Wall

It’s time to get back on the wall. 

Remember Nehemiah was called to build a wall around Jerusalem? Wonderful story! He didn’t tell anybody what he was going to do until he surveyed the area. Then he began to gather the people. And while he’s building the wall, the people begin to get discouraged because their bills are getting late, this is going wrong, that is going wrong, and they are getting behind. So, some of the people want to leave. But, Nehemiah encourages them to stay on the wall. And, remember, as they continue to build, Sanballat, a very important man in military and politics, comes along. In case you didn’t know, his name means “Satan”. And he says to Nehemiah four times, “Come down off the wall and let’s talk.” “Come on down, Nehemiah, and let’s talk, man.”


Nehemiah answered, “Why? I’m doing a great work. Why should the work of God cease while I come down and talk to you?” 

Sanballat comes again and says, “Come on down. Let’s meet in one of the villages on the plain of Ono.” Ono was a place of desolation. It’s called “a place of dryness” – a place where there is no life – “Come down and let’s talk in Ono.” 

This is what the enemy is doing! “Come down off the wall. Everything will be okay.” And when you listen, what you were doing stops. The work in which you were involved stops. 

The wall is your place of faith. Do not allow the enemy to convince you to get off the wall. Don’t be moved by what you hear or what you see.

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