Sow Now!

In Genesis 26, God told Isaac to go to Gerar. When he got there, there was a recession, or a famine, going on. History says they were eating all the animals because there was not enough food, and it kept getting worse. Isaac thought about leaving, but God said for him to stay there. Stay in the middle of what appears to be total loss, devastation, and total annihilation.

What did he do?

The Bible says Isaac stayed. And, he sowed in the time of famine. In the same year everything was going bad, he reaped a hundredfold.

What the Lord’s trying to say to us is that we need to sow more faith and sow more of the words of faith than what we’ve been doing. We need to get out of the place of fear. Out of the place of strife. Even though Isaac saw the recession, he was not troubled by it.

Now, if you listen to the media today, some say there’s a recession going on, some say next year there is going to be a worldwide famine. It could happen.

But in the midst of it, if we do what God says, He is obligated – not only obligated – He is privileged to take care of His people regardless of what we see.

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