Season of Refreshing

I believe the Lord is speaking Jeremiah 31:25 to the Church for this year. He is going to refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.

“Refresh” means to give a new strength. It means to reinvigorate. It means to update as on a screen or as to refresh on a computer. What God was saying through Jeremiah in chapter 31 was, “I’m going to refresh you. I’m going to give you a refreshing and a reinvigoration that’s going to change the way you’ve been feeling and the way you’ve been doing things.”

Jeremiah 31; The Message Bible; I'll refresh tired bodies; I'll restore tired souls.

This is what God is doing for us right now. But, it is going to increase. It does not matter what the media says. God is still who He says He is. The refreshing is coming!

In 2023 expect losses to be restored. God is bringing new elevations. He’s going to give raises and new positions. He is going to give increased revelation of Himself. So many people know about God, but they don’t know Him. The Lord wants us to KNOW Him, not just ABOUT Him.

When you pray Jeremiah 31:25 over yourself, thank Him for the refreshing. Speak death to weakness and fatigue in your life. No life to weakness and no life to fatigue! Thank Him for revealing more of Himself and ask Him to help you be more and more in love with Jesus! We want to know Jesus, not just about Him!

Be blessed! Shalom!

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