How Great? This Great!

We often ponder, “How Great Is Our God”? The human mind can hardly wrap its mind around His creative ability. Here’s how you and I began. Take a couple of minutes and read this. It might enlighten you if you did not already know this.

How It All Begins

“One cell from your mom and one cell from your dad. Each cell carries 23 chromosomes ( half of her DNA and half his DNA). They merge into one single cell matching and pairing with the other’s chromosomes to form a brand new DNA code, using 4 characters/ 4 nucleotides- they begin to write out what we have now discovered is the 3 billion character description of who you are written in the language of God. These wrote out your DNA, your human genome of 3 billion characters made up of those 4 simple nucleotides and when they did, they described who God ordained you to be in one simple cell.

Scientists say if you took that DNA out of that one little cell and stretched it out, that DNA would be 6 feet long. But if you were to read your complete DNA, reading one character per second night and day, it would take approximately 96 years to give the description of you. When the cells we talked about came together, they wrote out that which had never been written before in the history of humankind, and then that cell did the unthinkable; It set out to build that model from ONE cell.

Now at 3 days old, inside your mother, you are 16 cells and you can fit on the tip of a safety pin, on your way to making the 75 trillion cells that will make up your body. Now, every one of the 75 trillion cells in you contain that 6 feet of DNA (that’s 3 billion characters that makes up per cell). If you stretched the DNA in your body end to end, there would be enough DNA to go to the moon and back, 178,000 times. (Scientifically shown). But wait, 75 trillion cells in your body. Wow! And every 3 seconds, 50,000 cells in your body die and are replaced day and night as long as you exist.

One More Incredible Thing

In the womb at 5 months old, a million optic nerve endings left the optic nerve center of your brain headed for 1 million optic nerves that had left your eyes and they had to meet and match their exact partner. One million looking for one million! And, when they found their exact partner out of a million and matched up together, you had sight. The most technologically advanced thing on this planet is your eye!

But, listen; up until this moment you had one piece of skin covering your eyeball, but miraculously and mysteriously at about the 6th month in the womb, a little cutting device appears and cuts perfectly that piece of skin and you now have eyelids for the first time in your mother’s womb”!

We are fearfully and wonderfully made!

Big Bang Theory? No way. Man created himself? No way!

We serve the Awesome! There is None Like You, God!

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