Conformity or Diversity?

Apostle Paul taught that the human body is a type or model of the Lord’s body, which is the church. Just as the human body is made up of many parts which function differently but fit together to make up one body, so is the church. Just as our body is a unity of diversity and not conformity, so is HIS body. So why doesn’t the Body of Messiah reflect this ?

A simple answer would be, the same spirit of racism and bigotry that has created deadly divisions among the nations now dominates much of the church. Racism is a fundamental enemy, because it is the result of two fundamental evils : Fear and Pride. We become racists when we fear those who are different from us, or when we arrogantly think we are better than those who are different from us. When we subject ourselves to both, it is a deadly combination which keeps us separated from and hostile toward others.

Be Unique

Our physical body does not need 3 hearts, just one good heart. If my lungs start functioning like my heart, that would be catastrophic and lead to serious health issues. It is the uniqueness of each individual part and how they fit together that enables the body to live and function properly. The same is true of the Lord’s Body. If a body of believers is alike or trying to be alike and functioning in the same Role, it will not experience the true life of Yeshua Messiah.

One profound aspect of maturity in the Lord is deliverance from the fear and pride of spiritual bigotry which would compel us to gather only with those who act and think like us. This is the same tendency that keeps Evangelists in one movement, Teachers in another, Prophets in another, etc. Each body or gathering as a church needs all 5 ministry gifts according to Ephesians 4. True Apostolic works create congregations that have and receive from all the equipping ministries listed in Ephesians 4, since all are required to grow up in every area or our lives Into The Image of Yashua Jesus, not just some things.

In place of the boring uniformity found in many churches today, The Lord’s Body is called and expected to be one of exciting diversity. When people who are unique and different unite under a common purpose, it manifests greater Glory and witness than when those who are all alike gather. Consider the statement made by Paul in 1Corinthians 1:4-7. He said:

Time to Manifest

All ministries and gifts are in Yeshua Jesus, and He manifested them all in His earth walk. Now He seeks to manifest all He is through His Body, the church. A congregation will fully manifest Him when all gifts and ministries are functioning in it. But When we only want to be with those who are “likeminded” instead of appreciating and connecting with the diversity of all He is, especially those who are different from us, there’s no opportunity for Him to be manifested in all He is.

Of course, some who seek fellowship with those who are likeminded truly and sincerely mean to connect with those who have the vision of what the church of Yeshua Jesus functioning in all its Glory and diversity, which can only reflect Him. Yet remembering He so loves diversity that He made everyone unique. Therefore, His is a unity of diversity not a unity of conformity.

So, let’s allow Him to manifest all that He is In us and through us that the world may see Him in all His In us.


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