Blinded: Elisha and the Army

In 2 Kings 6, we read about Elisha and the Syrian army.  

In verse eight it says the king of Syria was making war against Israel and setting up ambushes. But, Elisha, God’s prophet, heard the voice of God, sometimes audibly, and he warned the king of Israel when they started to go a certain way, “Don’t go that way because there’s an ambush set up for you folks.”  So the King of Israel would change his route. 

Now the king of Syria and the captain of his army became angry and they became discouraged. He called all of his leaders together and said, “I want to know who’s against me. I thought we were in this thing together.” One of the leaders, a senator, spoke up and said, “It’s not us, King. We’re not against you, we’re for you. But there’s a problem,” he continued, “there’s a prophet over in Jerusalem by the name of Elisha, and he knows what you’re planning before you plan it.” And then he said, “He knows what you think in your bedroom.” That’s getting kind of private! 

So the king directed his soldiers to go and find Elisha. “I want to know where he is!” When Elisha was located, the king sent his armies to capture him. 

Opened Eyes

Early one morning, as Elisha was waking up, his servant went out to the well to draw water. He saw on the hillside just above where they were, horses and chariots and soldiers lined up across the crest. Fear came in his heart! He ran back inside and said, “Man of God, what are we going to do?!” The servant was scared and probably expected Elisha to be alarmed, also. However, Elijah just took his time.

I can see this – Elisha just walking out to the well. Looking up and seeing all this. He said, and I imagine it was calm and peaceful, “Lord, open his eyes that he can see.” And the Lord touched the servant’s eyes. Now, it wasn’t that he was blind. It was that all he could see was trouble. All he could see was the enemy. After Elisha’s request, the Lord opened the servant’s eyes. Now when the servant looked, behind where all of the enemy soldiers were lined up, the scripture says there were horses and chariots of fire. The true translation in the Hebrew says they were surrounded by extraterrestrials. (I’m not talking about aliens.) The enemy army didn’t see behind them. They didn’t see the angelic beings. 

Closed Eyes

As the Syrian army came rushing down to capture Elisha and take him back to the king, Elisha just lifted his hands and said, “Father, blind them that they can’t see.” He didn’t mean to blind them so they couldn’t see where they were going. He meant blind them that they couldn’t see who Elisha was. As soon as they got down to Elisha, the captain of the army said, “Where is the prophet, Elisha?” Elisha said, “Follow me, and I’ll show you the man you’re looking for.” They had no idea it was Elisha, himself, talking to them! 

Following Elisha, they marched and marched for hours to get to Samaria. Samaria? The Syrian army hated the Samaritans! This obviously is not where the Syrian army thought they were going. But, God!

As soon as the Syrian army, hundreds of them, came into the city, the Samaritans closed the gates. Elisha lifted his hands, and prayed, “Father, open their eyes that they may see.” And, TADA, Elisha says, “I’m the one you’re looking for!”  But, what could they do? They were now captives of the Samaritans! 

What Do You See?

Be encouraged! The Spirit of the Lord will warn us in advance if we’re listening, just like He did for Israel. The Lord will disrupt the enemy’s plan. God’s protection never stops. His provision never ends. He never stops His deliverance. He is always working on our behalf!

Let me ask you, what are you seeing for yourself this year? You are going to be presented with a lot of opportunities. Are you seeing defeat? Or, are you seeing victory? Which army are you focused on? The army of the enemy or the army of God? Pray and ask the Father to open your eyes to see the truth of whatever situation you’re in. 

Be blessed!