You can complete the practical theology course and continue on to earn your Bachelor, Master or Doctoral Degree without leaving home or attending our campus classes.

At present 60% of all college studies are being completed through home studies, which puts T.B.C.S. well in the running of non-traditional education.

T.B.C.S. maintains a modestly small home campus.

Past studies show that the maintaining of a large campus, staffing, dorms, etc., can drive up the cost of tuition by nearly 400%, while not increasing the quality of the education.

T.B.C.S. works with HighPlaces International Ministries, Inc.

T.B.C.S. also maintains a ministerial fellowship of Prophetic Churches and Ministers and has ordained ministers in the U.S. as well as various parts of the world.

T.B.C.S. offers a quality education at a modest cost.

Very few non-traditional schools and universities are willing to offer as much academic support, excellent student services and counseling support in the Prophetic studies at such a low cost.

T.B.C.S. commits to reaching beyond what most other non-traditional schools do with the income.

Funds that are received go directly into continuing to improve the quality of the education offered and to reaching the lost and hurting.

T.B.C.S. centers on the student.

T.B.C.S. is committed to helping the student receive and do what benefits them and not T.B.C.S.

T.B.C.S. is totally committed to scripture.

God's Word is the final authority in all matters of Life and the College itself.

T.B.C.S. teaches and holds to what is relevant.

Nearly 80% of what students learn at most Bible College and Seminaries is seldom, if ever, used again. T.B.C.S. will give you what is relevant today,allowing you to put it into practice by next Sunday, and from then on.

T.B.C.S. has expanded into the foreign field.

Training Centers and Correspondence students are now through out the Continent of Africa, South Africa, the Carribean, the Middle East, Asia, Central and South America as well as Europe.

T.B.C.S. is dedicated totally to equipping each student.

T.B.C.S. is not only dedicated to equipping in the practical theology of the Bible, but in the Prophetic Power of the scripture and how to make it work.

T.B.C.S. is ready to license or ordain.

Those who meet the requirements and are serious about ministry are eligible for licensing and/or ordination through T.B.C.S.

T.B.C.S. is not under the bondage of dept.

This allows flexibility in tuition.

TABERNACLE BIBLE COLLEGE & SEMINARY is your wisest choice; tailored to meet your need for Prophetic Studies, while never leaving home, family, job or the ministry.