When Experience and Theology partner...

For the artistically gifted it can be tempting to focus on the experience the gift provides. The lure to center on experience can lead an artist to minimize the importance of a biblical foundation that carries us from glory to glory. Tabernacle Bible College & Seminary College Of The Arts is a unique undergraduate through graduate school which focuses on training artists in a way that builds a strong theological foundation bringing balance to the partnership between theology and experience. COTA offers courses in church worship and worship ministry along with courses for the visual and performing arts. COTA is committed to equipping generations of worshippers through biblical education and encouraging individual achievement across the audio, visual and performing arts spectrum.
Why Choose COTA?

COTA's number one priority is training students to cultivate their personal relationship with God. Before we can partner with God to bring excellence in the function of our gifts, we first must have a relationship with Him. We must know Him and know His voice. "My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me." - John 10:27 Hearing the Voice of God is a required course for every TBCS student and is particularly vital in the lives of those who lead or minister in the arts. At COTA you will build upon your musical education and skills partnering local church needs, market demand, and cultural context with a solid knowledge of biblical foundations, historical development, theological reflection, and cultural analysis for effective worship ministry in today’s world including the marketplace. 
Special Features

• Scholarly instruction in biblical theologies of praise and worship
• Specialized training that reflects the market demands of the local church
• Partnerships with active professional practitioners in the visual and performing industries
• Opportunity to intern with local ministries
• Opportunity to pursue a research-based degree
Who Should Attend?

• Students seeking continuing education in church worship, church worship ministry, and the visual and performing arts
• Professionals already serving as a worship leader/pastor, minister of music, or associate pastor in evangelical church ministry
• Students preparing for, or serving as, a contemporary music artist or program director
• Students seeking to pursue a post-graduate terminal degree in worship or worship pedagogy