Tabernacle Bible College and Seminary is accredited through two accrediting associations, Transworld Accrediting Commission, Inc. and Accrediting Assocaition of Theological and Educational Institutes International.

Transworld Accrediting Commission, Inc. and AATEII are international, non-governmental educational accrediting bodies and Federally recognized as a non-profit church organizations. TACI has been accrediting and assisting Theological Schools, Seminaries, Universities, Colleges and Programs through out the world.

Transworld Accrediting Commission, Inc. and AATEII have adhered to the rigorous standards set for all accrediting commissions and have themselves, set very stringent standards for the colleges and universities they accredit.

Based on information provided by alumni and the institution, many colleges and universities have accepted transferred credits and degrees from Tabernacle Bible College and Seminary or have offered an individualized process for transfer. In addition, many independent colleges, universities, seminaries and denominatinoal programs have also accepted credits.

However, TBCS can not guarantee tranferability of credits to any other institution. No college or university can make such an unabridged guarantee because the final decision of the acceptance of transferred credits is that of the receiving institution.

It is entirely up to the individual or organization that relies on the accredited status of a private institution to accept, recognize, list or acknowledge that college or university's status based on its own decision making board. This applies to all colleges and universities whether they are private or state. Many state colleges and universities will not accept certain credits from other state colleges and universities, based on their academic governing policies at the same time.'

One accrediting organization is not legally designated as being superior over another. It is a matter of the individual policies of each educational institution for credit transfer and the individual student's reveiw of the actual curriculum being offered to them. Tabernacle Bible College and Seminary offers one of the most extensive and comprehensive Bible and Theological programs in the nation and internationally.